Pre-built 122-1Dukw

Pre-built 122-1Dukw

Pre-built 122-1Dukw


Pre-built DUKW is a great alternative for those without the time or space to build it themselves. You’ll receive the DUKW ready for painting/finishing as desired.

Finished size: 14″ Length, 4″ Width, 3 1/2″ Height


DUKW – How do you say that, and what does it stand for?

It’s easy to pronounce – Duck. It’s odd spelling is an acronym for:

D – indicates 1942 model year design by GMC

U – Utility vehicle

K – All wheel drive

W – Tandem rear axles

The DUKW was created as an amphibious vehicle, meaning it could operate on land or in the water. Originally used to transport troops and supplies in World War II, it has since been used by police, fire departments and in the tourism industry.

While this model will technically float in water, it is not recommended to be put in water. It will cause the wood to swell when it gets wet.

It is a fun model to build and enjoy.  You may choose to paint or otherwise finish it. Popular colors are army green, or completely crazy paint jobs and names as used in the tourism industry.

Finished size: 14″ Length, 4″ Width, 3 1/2″ Height

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs


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